This is where you can consider non standard items. New lines are always in development. Please browse the gallery for inspiration for a particular idea and email or ring to discuss. We work to commission often, adding birds, hens, crabs etc to any design or start off in a whole new direction.

Although they may appeal to the collector, all of our pots are designed to be practical items and dishwasher safe.

The work is inspired by nature, European majolica, faience and Delftware and reflects a need for colour in everyday life – a particular mug for that reflective moment, the perfect porridge bowl, a really generous garden salad bowl or just a pretty jug.

The pots are all thrown in Italian earthenware clay from San Sepolcro in Tuscany, dipped in a white tin glaze and painted often with birds, hens and brushwork decoration of oak leaves, mistletoe, cornflower, fuchsia, wild strawberries and vines. The end result is reminiscent of European Majolica but with softer colours to suit our climate.

Each pot is signed by Nicola Werner and year marked.

Starting from 1986 86, passing through the millenium – an odd year 00 or left blank, then Roman Numerals e.g. NW∘IV 2004
2020 is XX, not two kisses!