Although they may appeal to the collector, all of my pots are designed to be practical items and dishwasher safe.

The work is inspired by nature, European majolica, faience and Delftware and reflects a need for colour in everyday life.

The pots are all thrown in Italian earthenware clay from San Sepolcro in Tuscany, dipped in a white tin glaze and painted with birds, hens and animals and with brushwork decoration of oak leaves, mistletoe, cornflower, fuschia and vines. The end result is reminiscent of European Majolica but with softer colours to suit our climate.

Of course I can produce items to any theme you require and if you place an order I would prefer to speak to you to give you the opportunity to state preferences for the design and the colours.

My preferred colours (in order) are: bluegreen blue dark blue yellow coral lilac lime green olive green tan