Camilla & Alex’s Wedding List

All items can be purchased individually or as part of a set. Please click to view/order or contact

Item descriptionNumber of itemsPatternOrder items
Pair of matching lamps. SOLD.2 @£150 Italian in green with the stripes of solid colour. 35x18cm. SOLD.View / Order pair / Order single
Large Devon jug1 @£125Vine leaves or kite.View / Order
Straight milk jug. SOLD.1 @ £45Strawberries yellow or green. SOLD.View / Order
Set of small mugs. SOLD.4 @ £25Oakleaf – a selection. Set of eight. SOLD.View / Order set / Order individually
Small rounded vase. SOLD.1 @ £25Blue & green fuchsia. SOLD.View / Order
Butter dish. SOLD.1 @ £50Mistletoe – bluey, greeny, yellowy. SOLD.View / Order
Set of cereal bowls. SOLD8 @ £30Strawberries – assorted colours. SOLD.View / Order set / Order individually
Large Salad Bowl with elephant. SOLD.1 @ £110Mistletoe. SOLD.View / Order
Medium frilly bowl. SOLD.1 @ £80Vine or oak or mistletoe. SOLD.View / Order
Cachepots – small2 @ £25Danish.View / Order pair / Order single
Set of breakfast plates. SOLD.8 @ £35Cornflower – blue yellow with the triangle edges. SOLD.View / Order set / Order individually
Medium teapot. SOLD.1 @ £90Blue bluegreen mistletoe pattern. SOLD.View / Order
Bottle Vase. SOLD.1 @ £80Blue Italian with three chasing birds. SOLD.View / Order