Sugar Bowl – Fuchsia pattern – Purple


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The ever popular Fuschia, restrained and subtle. A dinky little addition - use this for sugar, dips or for mixing your salad dressing.


H is height, D is external diameter at the top.

H: 3.8cm

D: 10cm

Material: The pottery is our take of Majolica or Faience, made using earthenware clay from San Sepolcro, Italy. Our tin glaze is homemade to a tried and tested Aldermaston Pottery recipe.

Please enter inscription details carefully. Everybody spells their names differently, so we will paint these exactly as they have been entered. This is case sensitive - i.e. William will not be the same as WILLIAM or william - we suggest using capital letters on the body. You may add a handwritten message on the base, and we will always arrange the layout of your text to best fit the shape of each piece. Should you wish to see how your inscriptions would look before an item is made, please select "Sketch required”. Examples available in the Gallery.

Inscriptions inside bowls run around the centre, bordered by patterns up the sides and in the middle. For the smaller bowls a simple central motif is used. This matches the pattern painted on the outside.

The pottery is our take of Majolica. We fire at 200°C higher than European Majolica to increase the strength of our pieces, but continue to use the traditional methods and materials needed to achieve the distinguishing soft texture and quietly vivid colours. This is not as high a firing as many commercially-produced ceramics, so some extra care is needed when handling and washing. Natural changes to the clay, glaze, oxides and position in the kilns may lead to small variations in colour. That said, when ordering more than one of the same item we will always try to match them as closely as possible - the same item within a subsequent order may vary slightly. All items are hand thrown, so there may also be some variation in shape and dimensions. Bowls may not always be perfectly round.

Dishwasher safe. Not ovenproof. Not suitable for microwaves. Avoid knocking items as they may chip. Items may absorb water on the unglazed base when washed - we recommend using a mat or ensuring they are thoroughly dry before placing on a surface that may be affected by moisture.

Approximate delivery time: 6 weeks (often less than 6 weeks, but can be longer during busy periods). Free UK delivery for orders over £350 - otherwise your shipping cost will be calculated at the checkout.

Product Code: SUB-FUS-PUR