Welcome to our new Catalogue

All these items are made to order specially for you.

The layout makes it straightforward to specify your choice of inscriptions. Memorable dates, names, notes, initials or any other way that you wish to commemorate someone/something with one of our handmade pieces – true heirlooms in the making.

NB: We are happy to pack and post worldwide. All customers are very welcome to come and collect from the pottery, by arrangement. Please contact us for any requests outside this catalogue – non-standard items can always be ordered as commissions.          


From large salad bowls to small sugar bowls, our collection has sizes to suit any and all appetites. Inscriptions sit particularly well in the salad bowls – check the Gallery for examples – making wonderful commemorative wedding presents.


From dainty creamers including the famed ‘DLJ’ ( Dear Little Jug)  to huge pitchers, we supply a jug for every occasion. The handles are secure and elegant and we pride ourselves on the way they pour. They are finely thrown so are light when empty and feel as good when they are full.


Our mugs are designed to be practical, comfortable and beautiful. They fast become favourites for every occasion – from a small after dinner mint tea to a pint of builders’ in an armchair or coffee on the go.


From starter plates to the final banquet, we offer a plate of every size and for every occasion. The large platters come with holes in the foot ring, so are also suitable for wall hanging.


These rounded vases are a cheerful addition to any table and hold posies perfectly.