hen tiles

My designs grace town and country kitchens across England from Suffolk to Cornwall. They are all unique but there is no mistaking my work. My tiles are inspired by nature and by the pottery styles of European majolica, faience and Delftware. They often feature hens and my own invented Bird, a long-beaked creature with splendid tail and beady eye. I love blues, greens, yellows and corals.

My tiles owe their rich texture to my painstaking four-day production process.

To order a mural all you need to do is measure and sketch the space you wish to decorate, including the position of any obstructions such as a flue. Send me these details, along with a general brief about the colours and the images you would like. Call me to discuss it - or make an appointment to visit me at my Devon pottery.

I can add personal details to the design, such as the name of your house (but it's best not to be over-prescriptive).
image of tiling process
4 Day Process
Day 1 dip the bisc tiles by hand into a tin glaze and clean the back and edges.
Days 2/3 I paint the dusty surface and pack the tiles into the kiln. The tiles are fired overnight to 1060ºC.
Day 4 The cooled glazed tiles are ready.
I will send you a sketch of the design for your approval and a quotation. And it all costs less than you would expect. There are two sizes of tile:

4.25 inches (108mm) square prices from £9 each.
Murals £12-£18 each
6 inches (152mm) square prices from £15 each.
These prices include design. Fitting is extra.